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Bicycling and Walking FAQ

Why should I register my bike?
Bike registration offers many advantages, including prevention of ticketing/impoundment, aid in recovery of lost/stolen bikes, accident victim identification, and improvement of bike facilities at IU.
How do I register my bike at IU?
Applications are available at the Parking Operations office, located in the Henderson Parking Garage. Remember to bring your bicycle make, serial number, a description (style, speeds, color and distinguishing marks), and the $10.00 registration fee.
When are bicycle parking regulations in effect?
Bicycle parking regulations are in effect at all times, including evenings, weekends, and holiday breaks.
Where can I park my bike?
View a list of buildings with parking racks available at the Bicycle page.
My bike is missing! What do I do?
Contact Parking Enforcement at (812) 855-9849 to check whether your bicycle has been impounded. You'll be expected to provide your name, IU University ID Number (IU students and employees), description of the bicycle, and the date you noticed your bicycle missing. If it has been impounded, you will be issued a $20.00 fine. If it has not been impounded, it may have been stolen, in which case you should contact IU Police at (812) 855-4111.
My class gets out late and I don't want to walk back to my residence hall alone in the dark. What should I do?
Call the IU Safety Escort service at (812) 855-SAFE. It's a free service for all IU staff and students.
Are IU Safety Escorts volunteers?
No, IU Safety Escorts are paid employees of the university. This service is funded by a portion of student transportation fees.

Citations and Appeals FAQ

How long do I have to pay a citation?
Payments are due within ten (14) days of the date the citation was issued.
I was parked illegally yet didn't receive a citation. Should I be worried?
It is possible that someone removed a citation from your vehicle to be funny. If you were parked illegally (or if your meter ran out of time) but you didn’t find a citation on your vehicle, call IU Parking Operations at (812) 855-9848 to verify that you did not receive a citation . (Better yet, avoid parking illegally!)
I am a visitor and failed to pay a parking citation. What will happen?
If your vehicle is not registered with IU Parking Operations and you are not associated with the university, fines will be assessed against the vehicle owner as listed in the state vehicle registration records.
I am a student and failed to pay a parking citation. What will happen?
Citations not paid within ten (14) days will automatically be forwarded to the Bursar for collection.
My friend borrowed my car and parked illegally on campus, incurring a citation. Who is responsible?
Even if you lend your vehicle, you will still be held responsible for any citations issued to it. The registrant of the vehicle is responsible for any citations, regardless of who is driving the vehicle at the time.
How long do I have to file an appeal?
Appeals may be submitted within ten (14) days from the date the citation was issued.
How are citation appeal decisions determined?
Check the Appeal a Citation page to view the guidelines the Appeals Committee uses to reach decisions.
My citation appeal was denied. What are my options?
If the Appeal Committee denied your appeal, a re-appeal may be able to be submitted only if there is new evidence that may not have been available during the initial appeal. If you are simply restating the contents of your first appeal, your re-appeal will not be accepted. Re-appeals are accepted only via completing a written form. You can obtain this form in the Parking Operations office or upon request by emailing parking@indiana.edu.
I don't agree with the parking regulation I violated. Can I appeal on these grounds?
No. The issue in your appeal is not whether the parking regulations are fair, but whether you violated those regulations.
How will I receive a response on my citation appeal?
The Parking Appeals Committee delivers their decisions by postal mail only at this time.
I am often unable to locate a valid parking space. Can I appeal my ticket?
The purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee a parking space. When parking on campus, bring a map, familiarize yourself with parking options and always have a backup plan.
Help! I received a citation for No Permit Displayed, but my permit was lying on the dashboard.
This is not considered proper display. Hang tags must hang from the rear view mirror so that the letters and graphics are visible below the tinted portion of your windshield. If hanging your permit from your rear view mirror is not an option, Parking Operations can provide you with a clear permit holder that you can attach to your windshield. These holders are provided free of charge and are to be affixed to the windshield in the lower driver's side corner. Enforcement officers will only look in this area for a permit holder and so placing the holder in any other location may result in a citation being issued.
If I use my hazard lights to park illegally on campus, will I receive a parking citation?
Some people assume that by using their hazard lights, they are parked legally. Not only are you parked illegally, it also draws attention to the parking officer that you are in fact illegally parked.

Emergency Ride Home FAQ

What is the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program?
The ERH program is "insurance" for IU commuters who are enrolled in the IU Carpool Program. It allows for three free taxi rides home per semester (up to six per academic year) in the event of unexpected emergencies.
Who is eligible for the program?
ERH is available only to IU employees who are enrolled in the IU Carpool Program, Vanpool program or are a member of the Hoosier Commuter Club. You must have shared a ride to work on the day that a ride home is needed.
What types of emergencies are eligible for ERH?
You may use Emergency Ride Home if you or an immediate family member gets sick or has an emergency, your carpool driver must leave work early or late, you must work unscheduled overtime, or you have mechanical problems. You may not use it to get to work, or for pre-planned appointments or personal errands.
How do I use the ERH program?
Call the Parking Operations Office at (812) 855-9849 to obtain authorization. If you are deemed eligible, the attendant will provide you a voucher number. Print and complete a Taxicab Voucher form (PDF), making sure to include your IU University ID number and voucher authorization number. Give the form to the cab driver when he/she arrives.
Can I make a stop on the way home?
You are allowed one intermediate stop on the way home, such as to pick up medication or to get a child from school or daycare. This is not intended for non-urgent errands, personal business or shopping trips.

Free and Event Parking FAQ

I purchased a visitor parking permit, but can’t find a place to park. What should I do?
Purchase of a parking permit does not guarantee the availability of a space in the lot where you desire to park. Remember that the closer you get to the campus core, the less likely you will be of find a parking space during peak hours. Review our campus maps to find out where all the lots are located that correspond to your parking permit. Visitors may also use the meters or pay to park in a garage.
I want to attend a weekend game. Where can I park for free?
Free parking is available all day Saturday and Sunday in the parking garages. Please refer to our Free Parking page for more information on free parking.
I'm a student living on campus, and I park my car in a lot next to Assembly Hall. Where can I move it to during home games?
For Saturday and Sunday basketball games, you may park in any CH space. For week night basketball games, you may park on the west side of Memorial Stadium, entering at gate 8.
I don't have a permit, but I parked on campus after 5 p.m. and received a citation! What's the deal?
It is widely believed that one can park anywhere after 5 p.m. without a permit. This assumption is false and many have incurred fines because of it. Review the Weekends, Evenings & Holidays parking page to see where and when you may park for free.
I received a citation at a residential meter over the weekend. Was this a mistake?
While most campus meters are free 10 p.m. Friday until 7 a.m. Monday morning, residence hall meters are enforced at all times.
Can I park for free at the residence halls during move-in/move-out week?
During the period when students are moving in and out of residence halls at the beginning and end of each semester, vehicles may be parked in adjacent driveways up to 30 minutes for loading purposes. Each such vehicle must be constantly attended by a person who can move it immediately in the event of an emergency. An unattended vehicle may be towed at the owner's expense.

Garages and Lots FAQ

Who can park in the parking garages? Lots?
Anyone may park in any of the five garages and pay the hourly rate. Parking garages are free at all times for anyone with a valid 'A' permit. All permit holders may park in the garages free of charge when entering after 5 p.m. All surface lots on the IU Bloomington campus are zoned for parking and require a permit unless otherwise posted.
I don't have a permit. When can I park in the garages for free?
The garages are free from 6 p.m. Friday until 7 a.m. Monday.
What happens if, for some reason, I can't pay the parking garage/lot fee?
You will be assessed a $30 fine for failure to pay.
How can I determine what my parking garage costs will be?
What if I enter a university lot, but do not see any signs restricting parking?
All parking lots have signs designating the zone. If you do not see a sign, perhaps you missed it as you entered the lot, or maybe the sign has been knock over or stolen. If in doubt, assume you cannot park there.

Disabled Permits/Parking FAQ

As a visitor, where do I park on campus if I only have a state issued license plate, hang tag or placard on my automobile?
Visitors may either obtain a visitor Disabled permit from Parking Operations, or use a campus parking garage. Meters have been placed in many accessible areas to provide parking for disabled visitors. See also: ADA Accessible Parking Locations and Visitor Parking.
Where do I park if I only have an Indiana Disabled American Veteran plate?
Vehicles displaying an Indiana Disabled American Veteran plate may park in any meter space for free. In addition, paid parking is available in IU parking garages.
I have a state disabled parking permit/state issued placard/hang tag. Will that enable me to park anywhere on campus?
No. Parking in a disabled space on campus requires an IU Disabled permit. You may visit Parking Operations to obtain a temporary disabled permit, or you may park in the Disabled meters provided for visitors. *You must pay the meter. Also, any valid state issued Disabled plaque/plate may park in an IU Disabled space after 5 p.m. without an IU Disabled permit.
May I buy or renew my Disabled Permit online?
If you are listed in the Parking Operations system as a Permanent Disabled customer, then you may purchase/renew your permit online. You will be listed as Permanent if you have a state-issued Disabled plate (not necessarily a placard alone, as these can be issued for temporary disabilities).
What can I do if a vehicle not displaying an IU disabled permit is parked in a Disabled space and I have a Disabled Permit and need the space?
Contact IU Parking Enforcement at (812) 855-9849 or IU Police at (812) 855-4111 to tow illegally parked vehicles.
What if all the disabled spaces are taken and I have a Disabled Permit?
You will have to park in another lot. If you are severely disabled and are unable to do this, we suggest you park in any non-reserved space and advise Parking Enforcement immediately at (812) 855-9849. If you receive a ticket, please appeal.

Motorist Assistance FAQ

Who can use Motorist Assistance?
Motorist Assistance is available to IU students, staff, faculty or visitors who are parked legally while conducting legitimate business on campus. The vehicle must be legally parked in a valid campus parking space and unless a visitor, must display a valid IU parking permit.
I locked my keys in the car while at the mall. Can Motorist Assistance help me?
No, this is only available for motorists parked on campus. The vehicle must be legally parked in a valid campus parking space and unless a visitor, must display a valid IU parking permit.
Is Motorist Assistance free?
The service is free of charge up to three times an academic year (and $40 per additional call).
When is Motorist Assistance available?
Motorist Assistance is available Monday - Friday, 6:00 AM until 10:00 PM.
How do I request Motorist Assistance?
Simply contact Parking Enforcement at (812) 855-9849.

Parking Regulations FAQ

Why isn't campus parking free?
Parking Operations is a self-supporting organization. We do not receive any funds from the State of Indiana, nor from Indiana University. Parking fees enable us to build and maintain our parking facilities.
May I sell my IU parking permit?
Under no circumstances may you sell, exchange, give or lend your permit to someone else. If a permit is given to someone that is not authorized to use it, we may ticket and/or tow the car.
I want to appeal a ticket, but I need to register for classes (or get a transcript) and the ticket is preventing me from doing so. What should I do?
You can pay your ticket and still proceed with the appeal’s process. If the ticket is dismissed by the Parking Appeal’s Committee, a refund will be issued to the Office of the Bursar.
Where can my friend park if s/he comes to visit me at my residence on the weekend?
Beginning 5 p.m. Friday until 11 p.m. Sunday, anyone can park in D or E zones, with or without an IU permit. Also, the parking garages are free all day Saturday and Sunday. Check with Residential Programs and Services Parking or your center desk to inquire about purchasing a temporary permit for your friend as well.
How can I find out about current construction updates?
Check the Announcements on the Parking Operations homepage, or bookmark the Construction Maps and Updates page.

Permits FAQ

I am a student but also work part-time for the university. When purchasing a permit, am I considered a student or employee?
You are considered a student. For the purpose of assigning parking permits, a student is an individual enrolled in one or more credit hours and is not appointed as a faculty or staff member.
How much is a Visitor permit?
Visitors may purchase a one-day or weekly temporary permit at the current daily or weekly rate. For current pricing, please contact Parking Operations at (812) 855-9848.
When do permits expire?
Parking permits expire when one of the following occurs:
  • The expiration date is reached, which is clearly stated on the permit
  • When ownership of the vehicle changes
  • When the eligibility of parking privileges change
  • When parking privileges are revoked
Where can I buy a residential parking permit?
Residential permits are sold exclusively by Residential Halls Parking. To purchase a residential permit, or to be placed on the waiting list, call (812) 855-9840.
How are permit refunds determined?
Refunds of permit payments are prorated monthly based on the date of return of the permit to Parking Operations. No refund will be issued if a permit is not returned. No refunds will be made for permits revoked due to fraudulent application.
As a vendor, what are my parking options if I choose not to purchase a permit?
Vendor and service persons who choose not to purchase a Vendor/Service permit must either park in a meter or pay parking facility or should purchase a Visitor parking permit.
As a student, may I purchase a Visitor's permit?
No. A visitor is someone not directly affiliated with Indiana University. Additionally, spouses and children of faculty, staff, and students are considered to be affiliated with Indiana University and thus are not included in the definition of a visitor.
As an employee, may I purchase One Day only permits as I need them, rather than a Full Year permit?
If you are eligible for an 'A' or 'C' permit but you agree not to purchase an 'A' or 'C' permit, you can purchase up to 15 one-day garage permits for $7 each during each semester - Fall (September–December), Spring (January-April) or Summer (May-August). If you can usually walk, ride a bike or take the bus, it might be a considerable savings and an occasional convenience to purchase one-day permits. The permits are only valid for your use and may not be used by any individual who is not otherwise eligible for an 'A' or 'C' permit. You may only purchase 15 permits per semester, but they may be used in the subsequent semesters.
I have multiple hang tags that I need to display from my rear-view mirror. What should I do?
Contact Parking Operations for a clear plastic pocket (free of charge) which will enable you to display your permit in your windshield instead.
I received a parking citation, but didn't have a permit displayed. How will I be identified?
If you do not have a permit displayed, we will make an identification by license plate number. When this happens, often the vehicle is registered to a parent, but we assume the student is operating the vehicle on campus and we will bill you.
What can I do if a vehicle not displaying an IU disabled permit is parked in a Disabled space and I have a Disabled Permit and need the space?
Contact Parking Enforcement at (812) 855-9849 or IU Police at (812) 855-4111 to tow illegally parked vehicles.
My parking permit was lost. How do I get a replacement?
You will need to complete a 'Replacement Permit' form, available in the Parking Operations office. The replacement fee is $5.00.
My permit was stolen. What should I do?
Report a stolen permit to Parking Operations immediately You may order a replacement permit in the Parking Operation office for $5.00.
May I sell my parking permit to someone else?
Under no circumstances may you sell, exchange, give or lend your permit to someone else. If a permit is given to someone that is not authorized to use it, we may ticket and/or tow the car.

Towing FAQ

I was parked on campus and my car was towed! What do I do?
Contact IU Parking Enforcement at (812) 855-9849 between 7 a.m. - 10 p.m., Monday - Friday. At all other times, contact the IU Police Department at (812) 855-4111. The tow fee will have to be paid by cash or credit card before they will release your car.
How much will it cost to reclaim my impounded car?
The tow fee is charged is from the private towing company, and charges may vary. Aside from the citation which resulted in the tow, IU does not assess an additional tow fee.

Visitor Parking FAQ

I will be visiting the IU Bloomington campus for the day. Where can I park?
As a visitor, your parking options include either using a pay facility/parking garage, parking at the meters, or obtaining a visitor parking permit from the Parking Operations office.
When does the temporary visitor permit expire?
Temporary parking permits expire at midnight on the day it is issued.
My 24-hour visitor permit is about to expire. I need to stay longer, so what should I do to avoid a ticket?
The temporary visitor parking permit expires midnight of the date written on the permit. If you plan to remain longer on campus, you must either obtain a new permit or park in a meter space or pay lot.
What are the hours of parking enforcement?
Meters and pay lots are enforced Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. Residential lots are enforced 24/7.
How much is a Visitor permit?
Visitors may purchase a one-day permit or a weekly temporary permit. For current pricing, please contact Parking Operations at (812) 855-9848.